Introduction letter

You are receiving this letter because we believe some of our policies are aligned.  This being the case we feel it prudent to approach (insert name) to see if we can work together for the betterment of Tasmania.

As one of the small parties we don't get the same amount of media exposure as the big parties.  This is partly because we don't have the funds to splash out on advertising. Nor do we have the large benefactor to finance our elections.

We prefer to approach like-minded organisations to form alliances for the better TASMANIA.
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party - It's Your Powerful Voice (

One of the many positive differences with SFF, we are independent to other parties.  We don't do dodgy preference deals, we respect the voters' choice, their decision and right to their own voting preferences. Fact is no political party can control a voter's preferences, something the majors like to pretend is not true.

We understand not all our policies will be aligned with yours.  I am hoping we can agree to disagree in these instances and move forward. 
How can you assist us?    How can we assist you?
"    Donations to help fight elections
"    Sharing our newsletter to your membership
"    Talking to you about the needs of your members when making polices    "    Sharing your newsletters to our members
"    Discussing issues as they arise eg Deer in Tasmania

Yours faithfully,

Lorraine Bennett - Chair - SFF Tas
0406 897 972