Post Election washup

If preferences had flowed our way we might have gained a seat. Either way letís encourage more primary votes . 

  Our question to you is:          How can we do it better?
Ways you can assist:
  1. Help us get the message out by inviting friends and family to sign up to the monthly newsletter and Face Book .
  2. Share the monthly Newsletter to all on your lists.
  3. Consider preselection for elections.  This can happen anytime during the year.
  4. Volunteer to assist at shows.
  5. Become a committee member.
  6. Talk to members of your local gun, fishing, 4 wheel drive clubs friends and families.
  7. Read our polices so can impart the correct information.
  8. Give memberships as birthday, Christmas gifts.
  9. Offer to have Core Flutes on a prominent place on your property.
  10. Donate so we can keep the fight for you.

Feedback to your questions.

We received a lot of chatter via email and Face Book after the election.  We appreciate all comments good and questioning why we did or didn't do something.

Why did you not advertise in newspapers and T.V. ?
Given the short time line we were geared up for the election in 2022. 
Time was short.  a  lot of the paper advertising was pre booked as some in parliament         knew the election would be called early.
To place one 1/4 page ad in the newspaper is over $1.200 extrapolate that 9 times it is         very expensive. With the media the more you spend with them them they will give you           editorials.

Why did you not release your policies?

We released our policies and media releases during the campaign.  The media did not     pick them all up.  It appears if you spend $'s with the media they will mention and print       your media releases.

Why did you have three candidates in Franklin and one in Lyons?

We called for candidates to register for the State Election preselection on the 3rd March.  This was 17 months ahead of the expected State Election.  We would have loved to          have a full ticket for each electorate as it helps with preferences.  We also like people        who live in the area to preselect for their area.  Knowledge of the area and issues is         paramount.

Ever considered becoming a councilor?

The last few elections have shown that the local councils are more and more a becoming a breeding ground for up and coming State and Federal politicians.  As shown by the need for By elections below.

By-elections announced for Glenorchy City, Kingborough and West Coast councils
With the election of Kristie Johnston and Dean Winter to Parliament, and the resignation of Phil Vickers on 30 April, three councils require by-elections for one councillor and one mayor positions each. 

If you are considering standing as a councilor in your local council talk to us.
Remember change comes from within. 

Be part of the solution.